Split rail fencing, corral fencing, and farm and ranch fencing can be used interchangeably by people to describe pretty much the same kind of fencing. At TNS Fence, we’ve been installing split rail fences for our League City communities for over 25 years, although we’ve recently expanded to provide fencing services to South Houston as well. With that experience comes the know-how to anticipate what each job is going to entail, so we can get the job done efficiently and correctly.

From free quote to split rail fence installation to job completion, we go about our business on your property the right way. We are respectful, punctual, dedicated, and efficient. Your project manager will make sure to involve you throughout the process, including you in decisions and keeping you informed about progress along the way.

If your ranch or homestead needs the rustic look of a split rail or dowel rail fence (sometimes called western rail fencing), look no further than TNS Fence to get the job done right. We have experience working on many different homes in the area, on fence installation projects both big and small. We can handle your custom rural project as we are experienced in tailoring corral projects to fit your vision. That vision might be a practical corral, to ensure the livestock on your ranch stay on your acreage. We can handle that. But we can also handle decorative entryways with their own custom feel as well. You just have to tell us what you like, and we’ll do it!

We blend affordability with quality here at TNS Fence, so no matter your budget, we will work with you to find a solution that you are happy with. So remember, whether you call it a snake fence, a worm fence, a zigzag fence, or a corral, there is only one local fence company that can handle your split rail fence repairs and installation. Give us a call today!