People put up board fencing around their homes in Texas for a variety of reasons. Not only are board fences easy to seal and stain, but using lumber for your fencing project typically has a much lower upfront cost than utilizing other materials for your new fence. Most board fences are treated for outdoor use to make sure they are resistant to pests, rot, and moisture.

At TNS Fence, the top fence company for South Houston and League City, we make sure that you are well-equipped to understand your variety of options when it comes to selecting your board fencing. From the vertical component supporting the entire fence to the wood type you’ve selected, you can rest assured that TNS Fence has the capability to give you complete satisfaction once the job is done. We want you to be pleased with how the entire project went, which means we will communicate effectively with each of our clients from project launch to completion. Even the job site’s cleanliness matters to us because we want to be known as a South Houston and League City fence company that is respectful and friendly.

Plank Fencing, Board Fencing, Stockade Fencing

People can also call board fencing either stockade fences or plank fencing. Whichever you choose to call it, rest assured that the good folks at TNS Fence use high quality materials, and our board fences are one of our most affordable, classy options you’ll find online or otherwise.

One of the chief advantages of plank fencing is that it provides you with complete privacy. Not only can people not see through board fences, but canine pets can’t get through them in order to use your yard as a restroom or what have you. On top of that, they provide any home with an upgrade in aesthetic appeal. Get yours from TNS Fence, the top League City fence contractor around!