Here at TNS Fence, located in New Braunfels, TX, we have a variety of fence types for folks to choose from. People from Seguin, New Braunfels, and pretty much all over come to us for a range of reasons, from word-of-mouth reputation and online reviews to simply typing a search into their smartphones to the effect of “fence company near me”, only to have our TNS Fence name pop up on the search engine listings.

Another reason is our variety of fence types offered. We have a wide range of fencing that can be used on new fence installation projects or for fence repairs. Choose from Privacy Fencing, Vinyl Fencing, Ornamental and Decorative Wrought Iron Gates, Chain Link Fencing, Picket Fencing, Board Fencing, Split Rail Fencing, Farm and Ranch Fences, and even custom gates and entryways. As you can no doubt tell, we are well-versed in the ways of fence repair and install. In terms of more specific materials used, we can handle whatever you have in mind.

But perhaps we are putting the cart in front of the horse here. Some people are still in consideration and decision-making mode, especially if they are weighing their options having become new homeowners. This is especially the case if you are buying a home that isn’t brand new. These new homeowners quite often have to make decisions between installing a new roof, new windows, new floors, getting a privacy fence installed, or even getting some other landscaping work done.

With that in mind, we want to talk to you about why people get fences installed around their homes. We will look at benefits as well as drawbacks, despite the fact that we are fairly biased toward one of the two possible outcomes. Let’s get to it – to fence, or not to fence?


A common reason people choose to get a fence installed around their home is to keep pets inside. Not only does this allow you to keep your pets, but it also keeps neighbors happy. Moreover, a similar principle can be applied if you have, or are planning to have, kids. Installing a tall privacy fence can contribute to your peace of mind, giving parents the freedom to not have to check on your kiddos every 30 seconds.

Other benefits include hiding possible eyesores, like trash cans or a pre-landscaped yard, increasing property value, and improving the aesthetic appearance of your entire property. Getting a complementary fence can tie together your entire homestead, which isn’t something to be ignored.


While we love installing new fences here at TNS Fence, in the spirit of fairness we want to mention a few things folks should be aware of. Depending on the kind of fence you elect for your property, semi-frequent maintenance might be required. There might also be a traffic limitation, although we don’t consider operating a gate to be overly taxing for most people. Finally, installing a fence costs money. While likely not a novel concept to most of our readers, it remains a factor. Reach out to TNS Fence for new fence installation and local fence repairs, whether you are interested in a privacy fence in Guadalupe County, or a chain link fence in New Braunfels!