Perhaps you’ve recently moved to Seguin, the county seat of Guadalupe County. You may have just gotten a job in San Antonio or New Braunfels, but prefer to live in Seguin because it has so much to offer. Although we are a local fence company based just next door in New Braunfels, we certainly understand the appeal of living in or around Seguin. As you learn from Seguin’s city web page, you experience the “Real Texas” when you are in Seguin. As a testament to that claim, today, October 27th, happens to be the first day of the annual Pecan Fest, which lasts until Sunday the 29th this year.

Perhaps you moved to the Seguin area for the golfing, the city’s rich history, or maybe you fell in love with Main Street and Walnut Springs Park. We couldn’t blame you, if you did. But whether you are new to town or your family has lived here for a century or so, most everybody needs a fence around their property. And it doesn’t matter if you aren’t a ranch owner who needs ranch or farm fencing, either. We here at Seguin’s fence company of choice, TNS Fence, have a variety of commercial and residential fence types for you to choose from. Among those options are horse fencing, vinyl fencing, wrought iron fence, chain link fence, privacy fencing, and even picket fencing. We even offer wrought iron gate installation, and we specialize in bringing your specific vision of your home to life.

We Listen To Our Customers

We genuinely listen to what our customers are saying they want and expect, which is something we feel sets us apart from other Seguin fence contractors in the area. We are committed to providing our customers with thorough communication throughout the fence installation (or fence repair) project. We are known as elite fence installers because we walk you through every step of the process, from free estimate to the job’s completion. We are dedicated to operating with punctuality and respect while we are on your property, regardless if it’s a residential fencing project or a commercial property that needs a fence repair or installation.

Now that we’ve given you a little bit of our spiel about what makes us a quality fence company in Seguin, New Braunfels, and beyond, let’s get to today’s promised topic, some helpful care and maintenance tips for your wooden fence. Keep reading if you are interested in extending the lifespan and improving the condition of your wooden fence!

Damage Repair

While you should know that we include fence repair as part of our core fencing services, we are still happy to offer you some tricks of the trade. The biggest tip that we can offer you is to stay on top of any issues before it’s too late. Rotting can become an issue if a homeowner isn’t on his or her game. Splitting is a common issue as well. Simply remove the rotted plank and replace it as soon as you notice it. Of course, we are a very affordable fencing company, and we are happy to provide fencing repair or projects both big and small!

You can also glue split and broken pieces together if you aren’t looking to replace individual boards anytime soon. While we would always recommend getting fresh timber in their for its improved look, an effective temporary solution is to apply waterproof glue while clamping or taping the split pieces together. If you are comfortable with the way that looks, then more power to you! If you want professionals, you know the local fence contractors to call.

Termite Prevention

If your fence has a termite issue, it’s probably time to call in some professional exterminators to completely eliminate the situation. But if you are looking to stay ahead of those pesky pests, we would recommend employing a basic measure of termite prevention. Make sure that as many of your wooden fence planks aren’t buried. Now, of course, you should talk to the fence installers who initially installed your fence to make sure that there is nothing wrong with doing a little light digging. The reason you want to keep your fence exposed to the air, and not buried, is because termites need damp soil to live while they eat through the partially buried fence timber.

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