Here at TNS Fence, we are known as the Greater New Braunfels Fencing Experts. Of course, that is partly due to the fact that we call ourselves that. But the point remains that we are Seguin and New Braunfel’s top local fence contractor for good reason. We offer a variety of fence types for both commercial and residential projects.

You have the option to choose between Privacy Fencing, Ornamental and Decorative Wrought Iron Gates, Chain Link Fencing, Vinyl Fencing, Picket Fencing, Board Fencing, Split Rail Fencing, Farm and Ranch Fences, in addition to custom gates and entryways. We can pretty much do it all, as you can no doubt tell.

We have over 25 years of experience. From the start, we’ve been a family-owned and operated fence company that offers our neighbors high-quality fence repair, experienced and integrous workers, and competitive pricing. Whether you are looking for custom residential or commercial fencing, we can provide the material and look you are seeking here at TNS Fence. Quite simply, we are committed to your satisfaction from project start to finish. We will be as communicative as possible throughout the installation or fence repair project because we understand that our clients care to be involved as much as possible in many cases.

We blend style with durability and performance at TNS Fence, and with our satisfaction guarantee, you can rest easy when we say we use high-quality materials and a dedication to getting the job done right. That means it’ll be beautiful, done according to budget, and completed on-time. That’s just part of the TNS Fence difference. We work with clients throughout Guadalupe and Comal Counties, which includes communities like Seguin, Cibolo, Schertz, New Braunfels, and San Marcos.

Chain Link Fence

You were promised a blog post about chain link fencing and its pros and cons, and by golly, you are going to get one. Now that we’ve described our merits as a local fence company to a satisfactory degree, allow us to describe some of our industry knowledge that will ideally help our readers as they research what kind of fence might be best for them and their property.

What Are The Most Common Uses For Chain Link Fences?

Just so we are all on the same page, let’s briefly point out what chain link fencing most commonly secures and keeps out. Common applications are listed below.

  • Used to secure the premises around a commercial or residential property
  • Used to create a barrier in fields and parks
  • Used to create a containment area for pets
  • Used to create a backstop on baseball and softball fields
  • Used to in steel cage matches in wrestling
  • Used in dirt track races to slow down racing cars before they hit barricades

Chain Link Fences Give You Options

Not all chain link fences are the same, and that’s a good thing. There are four primary options available to folks interested in getting a chain link fence install completed on their property, listed below.

  • All Color System – This system is available in black, brown, green, and even custom colors. The vinyl-coated fence (and framework) are commonly used commercially because of their long-lasting durability and the ability to customize color options.
  • Vinyl-Coated Fence on Galvanized Frame – For a stylish look, you can use the vinyl-coated fence on a galvanized frame for a black, green, and brown vinyl-coated fence. This can be utilized in tandem with galvanized framing as a more cost-effective option. Plus, the fence will remain durable and corrosion-resistant.
  • Galvanized – The wire used in this fence is made extra-durable from being coated with zinc. Many local government organizations, along with the federal government itself, use galvanized chain link fence for its aforementioned qualities.
  • Aluminized – People elect to go with an aluminized chain link fence because it boasts a steel core layered with aluminum to prevent rust and corrosion. Some people go to the extent to call aluminized chain link “self-healing”. Although we wouldn’t go that far, we can confirm that this fence type will last a long time without losing its aesthetic appeal.

Chain Link Fences Offer Security

While this point about security is a bit of a mixed bag, it’s still a valid claim that chain link fencing provides security. Whether you are using it for a job site or for residential fencing, generally speaking, the fence will keep things on the same side of the fence. If you have children or pets playing in your yard, this can serve as an added layer of security, both mentally and physically.

Conversely, chain link fences are not the most indestructible of all fence types. While you can add barbed wire for an added layer of defense, most folks aren’t looking for that aesthetic when it comes to their home. The most commonly used type of residential chain link fencing is four feet tall, which, as many of us remember from our TPing and ding-dong-ditching days, can easily be climbed over.

Chain Link Fences Are Affordable And Require Little Upkeep

By far, chain link fencing is the way you want to go if your primary concern is to keep the price down. Some folks opt for the DIY route, but we here at TNS Fence recommend you go with a professional fence contractor to make sure that the chain link fence is installed properly. If you do get a tightly-secured fence, it shouldn’t require much maintenance at all. Consider galvanizing your fence to prevent rusting and corrosion. This will extend the life of your durable fence.

Little Privacy

Even if your chain link fence is higher than four feet, that doesn’t mean you’ll be gleaning a greater degree of privacy from the increased height. While this is not a novel fact for most of our readers, the point remains that chain link fences don’t keep snoopers from, well…snooping. At TNS Fence, we do offer the installation of slats in the chain link to improve privacy, although it’s not a common practice. If your greatest concern is privacy, we recommend privacy fencing. As the old adage goes, good fences make good neighbors.

Choose TNS Fence

We hope you’ve found this exploration into chain link fencing and its pros and cons practically beneficial. At the end of the day, if you want a cost-effective and pragmatic solution, chain link fencing might be right for you. Often, our clients need to create a perimeter around a large area, and chain-link fences do a job without costing an arm and a leg. Chain-link comes in a variety of heights, gauges, and coatings, so be sure you reach out to us at TNS Fence so we can help match what we have to offer with what your project requires! Contact us today for a free estimate!