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Today’s post is going to depart from our traditional line of topics in favor of entertaining some of our readers with some moderately interesting facts about fences. We figured, while you might not be as into fences as we are at our local fence company, we at least could set you up for some success in terms ofimpressing your friends with some wacky factoids, should the opportunity arise. The trick is that you’ve got to pick your moment; it’s not a good idea to scream some of these facts at a dinner party for no reason while the waiter is trying to take your order. It’s also not a good idea to yell them at church, or any other organized event for that matter. Maybe just don’t yell these facts at all, actually. The right time is difficult to pin down precisely, but we recommend trusting your instincts. For example, if your instincts are telling you “now is the time!” when somebody asks you, “Hey, do you know any arbitrary facts about commercial fence installation, chain link fence repair, or privacy fence panels?”, that would likely be the time for your instincts to clue you in on it being the right time to say, “Why, yes, I do.”

At any rate, keep reading if you would like to learn some little-known facts about fences.

Fence Facts!

  • Fences are often designed to keep people and things out, but only slightly less-well known is this; they are also built to keep people and things in. An Example of a thing that is kept inside by a wall would be pets in your yard.
  • Fences are a great option if you have the materials and the experience, or there is a trusted, local fencing company in your area (hint: that’s us!) However, if all you have is a shovel, time, and a rudimentary understanding of irrigation, ditch-digging, and/or aqueducts, a moat is probably your only other option to serve the same function. Of course, getting a privacy fence installation means that your neighbors won’t be snooping on you. Moats can’t boast about that advantage, but they can double as a creepy koi pond, if you are feeling inspired to be compared to a James Bond villain sometime in the future. It’s a tough call, but we are glad we got into the fence repair and installation business over the moat installation vertical. Just.
  • On a more serious note, lethal electric fences are almost never an actual thing. Despite what your mom and dad may have told you while you were growing up, pretty much every electric fence will give you a shock but will not electrocute you, which is, by definition, lethal, in case you were wondering. Of course, there are a few exceptions to this rule which do not recommend you testing. Nazi Germany used lethal electric fences in concentration camps, and there exists a lethally-charged electric fence on the border of North and South Korea.
  • Some locations are obligated to have certain kinds of fencing installed on their premises, including zoos, military zones, and industrial complexes. So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, be grateful you have the ability to choose what kind of fence you would like installed by your affordable, local fencing company here at TNS Fence. It could be privacy fencing, split rail fencing, pet and wildlife fencing, pool fencing, wood fencing, 3-rail fencing, or even decorative wrought iron gates and fencing options. We have a variety of fence types that we can both install and repair at an affordable rate here at TNS Fence. And if there is one fact that you leave this blog post remembering, we’d be fine with it being that one.
  • The Great Wall of China is the biggest fence in the world. The Chinese dynasty of that time (way back to the 7th century B.C) built it to stretch more than 13 miles across China. The Great Wall of China is visible from outer space, too!

  • We lied. Well, sort of. The longest fence in the world is actually located in Australia and stretches 3488 miles across. For reference, that’s over 100 miles greater of a distance than driving from Seattle to Miami! The “Dingo Fence”, as it is known, is made of wire mesh and stands almost 6 feet high. This fence was built to protect flocks of sheep, as farmers lost over 11,000 sheep every year before this fence was constructed in 1885.
  • Speaking of farming and fences, the two are closely related in that fences were originally constructed as a means of defining land ownership. Secondly, before fences were introduced, livestock could freely roam the countryside. Of course, as rural areas became more populated, it became difficult to say whose sheep, cattle, or what have you belonged to whom.
  • Wood fence installation is a cost-effective choice. When compared with other options, wood fences, also known as picket fences or privacy fences (depending on what you are talking about), represent great value. Give us a call at TNS Fence so we can give you a free estimate so that you can have a complete cost-benefit analysis when considering options like vinyl fencing, wrought iron fencing, metal fencing, etc.
  • A fence that is hidden in a ditch, for whatever reason, is called a Ha-Ha. Maybe that’s what this Green Bay Packer’s defensive back is named after! We’d need to ask to be sure.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this somewhat silly post today. Something that isn’t silly is the fact that you need to find a trustworthy, local fencing company that stands by the work they do. That’s us here at TNS Fence. We make a point to be as communicative as possible throughout the entire fencing project. With a satisfaction guarantee and a commitment to quality materials and workmanship, we are happy to call ourselves among the top local fencing contractors in the greater region. Give us a call today for a free estimate, and get a call back today!